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I'm one lazy bastard · 3:33am Sep 10th, 2012

Well... it's not that i've been lazy, just a whole lot of stuff going on. School, work, car issues, college applications. It's a bit much. I haven;t given up on writing, but don't expect frequent updates until I get this all sorted out. That being said, the next chapter of Daring Do is wrapping up, and my "secret story" has been slow, but making steady progress.

If I play my hand right, I might release several stories at once, as an apology to you all.

Well... time to get writing!

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76330 Oh, oops. I should change that. I'm working on the next act, but it's taking some time

awwe no more dye hard :pinkiesad2:

awesome thanks for doing Die hard :pinkiehappy:

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