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Open Book · 4:40pm Jan 25th, 2017

Life is an open book,
We all fear to take a look,
At the pains of our past,
And the days of our last,
Tempted are we,
To close the book, we fear to see,
Tempted are we to ignore the Lord,
We think there is so much more,
Blessed is Thee that follows Jesus,
And knows that he loves us,
So weary sinner searching for truth,
Old and in youth,
Flip to the page with a smile,
And stay a while,
The lord will mend your pain,
And help you see happiness again,
so praise the Lord,

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Storm · 4:41pm Jan 25th, 2017

I didn't ask for the storm,
the lord brought it to me,
to show me there is so much more,
to life then anger and tears,
to show me I can stand agents my fears,
to heal the hurt in my heart,
to show me I can make a new start,
to lead me to a better place,
full of beauty and grace,
where love is always shinning,
and the people harmonizing,
where anger and fear do not exist,
and evil and hatred exit,
so weary sinner do not fear the storm,
just let your heart open and praise the lord.

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wanna hug?


Gahh! · 7:32pm Jul 13th, 2019

Its been a while...


I am kinda getting back into MLP and have been thinking about if I wanna work on my old stories or just scrap 'em...
tbh I won't delete them I might make refined versions of them but thats it...
I still have a few funny story ideas I wanna make so I might make them...

I am into Danganronpa and Vocaloid so the mlp stories will have to wait as I am making about 3 or 4 Danganronpa fanfics (one being my own DR story with my own characters)

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Welcome ^u^ your stories are always so awesome

Thank you so much for adding "My Office. NOW!" to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

I don't really want sketches, but I will let ya know when I want some.
also welcome

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile: It's really appreciated.

I assume you want a free sketch, right? If so, go ahead and tell me what you want, and I'll draw it to the best of my abilities.

I hope this is a good size...
also I tried to make it look cooler...
if you want me to change it back I can.

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