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Nimbus Dash is Dash's son in every way. But when he wakes up one morning with questioning thoughts, he has a discussion with his parents about a white winged pony to protect him. His guardian angel.

A/N- I have tried to come up with an oc for Soarin's father's mention and Nimbus Dash but if they are used anywhere else in someone else's story, I can always change it...

Chapters (1)

After promising to become her sister, Rainbow and Scootaloo have fulfilled a lot of challenges life had thrown at them yet they always came out stronger.

But when they come to talking about goodbyes, Scootaloo looks to Rainbow to know when it is the right time to let her go.

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After the events of mare do well, Rainbow Dash reflects on why she never showed her true self to anyone before. She wants to move on, but before she can... She needs to feel something to know that she is not alone. Easy right?...............

(Alternate ending/ my story is what happened afterward!)

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This was the night,... the night where he finally got to go out with the mare he loved. Until, things start going wrong of course.

Join Soarin and Rainbow Dash on their first date as things slowly start to go downhill.

Chapters (5)

When Dinky comes home from school one day, upset with... Something. Her mother, Derpy Hooves try's to find out what's wrong.

Comforting the small filly is the only thing on her mind but when she finds out that she is part of the problem, it turns out to be more difficult that she thought.

Though Derpy has been called dumb for most of her life, can she come up with the right words to say to aid her daughter.

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After a discovery made by Twilight at a slumber party, everyone's life changes and when faced with her greatest challenge... Rainbow dash pays the price.

Though many obstacles have presented themselves to rainbow, facing ten simple stairs seems to be the hardest thing that she has ever had to do.

(This is my first fanfic and it is only short, but I hope it will be a good one to kick off my Fimfic account:twilightsmile:) (cover art/ picture belongs to me! it's changed to a picture I have drawn now!)

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