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A new villain appears in Equestria who wields magic powers of ice and snow, using said powers, he foalnaps princess Twilight, while in this new villains custody she finds that he doesn't seem all that villainous to twilight, just... Sad and lonely.

Please PM any errors about my writing so error correction comments don't fill the comment section but if you have feedback please feel free to comment down below.

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Humans, Dogs, Cats they are all the same in the eyes of Equestria. Celestia, the ruler of ponykind is the kindest there is yet past misdeeds shall come haunting in the form of a monster. A monster she created.

The tortured souls of thousands of humans demand revenge, revenge is all they see.

Non-cannon Your human and you fic from MadMaxtheBlack Your Human and You

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Please just... Don't read this, it makes my eyes bleed.

When Chishiki was teaching some of the new students about her staff The eye of Magnus and the story of Ancano the thaumor spy, one of her students ask her if she could travel to other dimensions though she never thought of doing it she has to answer truthfully and replied a simple no. later then j'zargo challenged her to make a dimensional portal to another realm and with that the competition was off even though j'zargo managed to make a rip into the realm of oblivion it did not hold long. on the other hand, Chishiki was able to make a full portal with the help of dwemer technology made a portal to a realm far far away she decided that because of this and the unknown dangers to shut it down when the dynamo core overloads and almost obliterates the college with quick thinking she uses the staff of Magnus to absorb the overloaded mana but because this went into her she needed to use it Quickly so she traveled into the other dimension and used tamed power to close the hole on her way though destroying the gate in process and when she wakes up in an old castle in the middle of a huge forest she decides to read all the books for knowledge of this world.

This is an old story that was too horrible to get passed grammar inspection, I have done basic edits to get passed so I can post it, I will fix the horrible grammar IN THE FUTURE.

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Broken, Weak, Shameful are the emotions Celestia felt at the time Nightmare moon returned with Sombra, tirek, and chrysalis. Using magic forbidden to even her parents, she summons help... with a price.

With Sombra's return, he was able to release tirek with a shaky alliance they traveled to the badlands and with chrysalis in toe they stormed canterlot, they were prepared this time, no nonsense.
They separated the elements of harmony they weren't able to stop them. And in my foolishness, I agreed to let luna hold them off whilst I prepared the failsafe teleport spell in order to teleport the surviving civilians to safety. What a fool I was, once the teleport went off luna was corrupted into nightmare moon once again by Sombra.

Now, I am alone in a failsafe room in the castle dungeons, my citizens spread far and wide, the elements of harmony missing I only have one choice left. I must summon Him.

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Prince blueblood, the spoiled prince who's heart is thought to be stone has finally been caught red-hoofed with the evidence stacked high against him he is banished from equestrian as a whole, with the threat of death penalty if he were to return.

Hardships can change ponies some for worse some for better, it all depends on your perspective will he fall even further or shall he rise higher than he ever has before.

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Falling into a volcano trying to impress people isn't very fun, and while it was quite hot for a very long time, eventually I actually started to feel a tad chilly, after a while though I blacked out, and woke up in a burning field, as a horse no less.

Featured 06/09/2016 (what did I do? How? I'm not this popular, if I knew this would happen I would have gone through and re-edited my grammar before I posted. Now I feel like a jerk.)

Featured 06/11/2016
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The editor is The Wind King
Proofreader is Nonameknight

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If one were to look at the Crystal Empire, they would find that the Empire had a wonderful history with few rough patches, that is until the reign of Sombra, all anypony will ever say is "i- I can't remember.. I Don't Want to Remember." but sometimes if your lucky that would tell you one thing "No p--please i- don't want to remember the Experiments" needless to say what happened in the past had scared them, but if you were to ask the few that do remember you would wish you had not asked. but it is in the past that we start our tale, the tale of Balance Break. King Sombra's one and only successful(ish) experiment, that experiment's Goal was to create a Dark Alicorn. however, he never even knew.

The cover art is based off jak from jak 3 in pony.

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