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Lightning Farron

It's not a question of can of can't. There are some things in life you just do.

Obligatory Pony Gifs

Fimfiction Goals

- Write a story that gets 500 likes
- Write a story that gets 1000 likes
- Write 100,000 words cumulatively
- Have a story with an audio reading
- Reach 100 followers
- Reach 250 followers
- Write 10 stories

More goals will be added as I come up with them.

Update Status

For those who want to know where I stand on chapter updates:
* Note that my writing pace will slow on the account of an international move, a more heavily packed schedule, and a less powerful internet connection. To say nothing of a hurricane and the subsequent evacuation.

101 Ways to Kill an Alicorn:
Chapter 9: 4003 words

Nameless Story A:
2000 words


Explanations · 11:47pm February 24th

So as I'm sure you've noticed and I've mentioned it in everything I post: life is hard. It has been a very strange few weeks. More below this Flurry Heart gif:

Credit: Luminaura

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Can we have news about “101 Ways to Potentially Kill an Alicorn” please?

Tea or coffee?


Tell me about this story in a PM.

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