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So. · 7:13pm April 8th

I’m assuming no one really cares about this little account anymore. Heck, I’m pretty sure all the views on my blogs are due to the amount of times I visit my own page. So that’s nice I guess. But uh, I’ve got a new story I’m working on so that should be out soon.

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My Smash Character Idea · 4:18pm February 14th

Recently, a cool dude named Mythirl Moth posted a writing prompt for concocting a smash trailer of a character. I have little knowledge of the games, but I decided “Aw, Screw it!” And wrote this! Enjoy! Or don’t.


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I’m back. · 5:10pm Jan 9th, 2018

Back again. Final exams are coming up, and soon a new story will grace this sleepy account. The story of After Harmony:Beginning and End, a story like Fallout Equestria, but also not. Keep your eyes peeled, or don’t. But I’m still alive! So...yay!

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