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It's 2018 and I saw this and died.


New name and More stories · 6:37pm Feb 8th, 2016

I have a new name and yes I've been playing Under Tale, and I have a batch of new stories ready to post i in a couple of days! Love you guys :rainbowwild:

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Coffee,why do you ask? :derpytongue2:

Tea or Coffee?

Thanks for watching(or was that the stalking part, but I'm still happy)

Update: Name change! I felt like my last name PoneWithGlasses didn't suit me. AnnoyedWriter suits me a lot better than PoneWithGlasses, if you knew me in real life :applejackunsure: I'm annoyed with a lot of things these days :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the response swift, I'm getting better and better at writing there's always room for improvement :trixieshiftright:. Oh and your welcome :twilightblush:

And ty for the watch i really appriciate it

A little bit dull but all in all writhen well amazing as always.A little bit polish your story will improve

Chapter 2 of Writers Block Sucks done! :pinkiegasp:

Thank you Swift! I gald you enjoyed it:twilightblush:

Good job on you first fimfiction i will continue reading your story and i will also fallow your work best of luck to you

Nc first fimfiction btw:pinkiesmile:

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