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Demonic Dragon

Rage incarnate. Hate driven. Beast mode on. Never shutting off!

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Expire · 4:15am April 25th

I'm sorry.......that's pretty much all have to say.

It all finally came crashing down on me today.

My dreams shattered like glass.

Leaving me broken my tears being caught only by grass.

Lately,  I've noticed that ill randomly start crying for no reason.

Kinda like the rain during the summer season.

I try to smile and I try to feel happy.

But, the mask I wear just hides the real me.

My friends in real life think I'm a freak.

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Thank you for favouriting Soul in the Sword and for the follow! I appreciate that you were willing to give my story a read and apparently liked it enough to follow me too! I hope i don't disappoint in the future!

Hey man. Thanks for following me.
I know you do so at random, but it warms my heart to see someone follow me after so long.
I haven't really updated anything as of a few years now and it is nice to see some of us little lights in the dark get a new kindling from time to time.


Thanks for the follow.

Thanks for following me

  • Viewing 458 - 462 of 462
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