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Fantastic Fantasies

"Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?" She asked. I looked at her blankly before replying, "They call me. . . Tim."


You tell pinkie you don't like parties. She finds that hard to believe.

(I might make a second chapter if enough people request for it, until then enjoy. It is my first attempt at a one-shot.)

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Crystal Cocoon is a changeling princess about to go on her first feeding, she has a heart of gold and wants to be kind to all. But will she choose what is best for her people or what ponies want her to do?

Centipede is a changeling trying to make a point to the ponies by turning himself in and demanding a trial, wanting to free his family in the process.

Chrysalis is a Queen who is trying to make the best decision for her kind, but also trying to balance the safety of her daughter.

Celestia is a god who loaths changelings, for different reasons than anypony would ever guess.

Night Dance was the first changeling, a unicorn filled with sorrow.

This is what happens when their stories intertwine.

- - - - -
I hope you enjoy!

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