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BrokenTiia. I am a pony analyst from YouTube, but hey, I wrote fanfics too!

Hi bitch!


'Bout me

- Best Pony: Twily and Fluttershy
- Best Princess: Celestia
- Best CMC: Apple Bloom
- Best Villain: Chrysalis
- Best Background Pony: Bonbon
- Best Older Gen Pony: Toola Roola
- Best Episode: Putting Your Hoof Down
- Best Siren: Aria Blaze
- Best Shadowbolt: Sugarcoat
- Best Colt: Pipsqueak
- Best Filly: Diamond Tiara/ Apple Bloom
- Best Unicorn: Starlight Glimmer
- Best Earth Pony: Maud Pie
- Best Pegasus: Lightning Dust.
- Best non-pony : Zecora
- Best Song: The Pony I Want To Be
- Worst Pony: Derpy
- Worst Episode: Pinkie Pride
- Worst Human: Sunny Flare
- OTP: FlutterDash
- Secondairy Ships: TwiShy, RariJack, TwiJack, Chryslestia, DiamondBloom, CheeriMac, FlutterCord, FlutterPie, , Adaria, SunDagio, Scootabloom,

- PS: Don't shove me with your TwiDash shit.

Best Stories^^

Me evrytiem I see Scootabelle.

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2113141 Hope they can keep you interested.

Thanks for the Fav on Hearth's Warming Kiss. I hoped you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:


It was interesting :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for filing my new story; The Rare Fetish Boutique in your Awesome Stories of. Choice Bookshelf.
Hope you enjoy following Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle in the adventure as Rarity is opening the new Boutique.
May I as what opened up your eye to the story and what prompted you to favour it?

Hmm....*looks at follow button and to to who's following* lets follow...*click*

Don't forget to leave a like! :pinkiehappy:

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