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Clacker Volley

Just a Random Guy that discovered this website a bit too late. Hooray for friends! But about me...I'm a huge anime and cartoon nerd and I like writing random stuff.

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Saving the world from the threats that plagued it wasn't easy. Especially when the saviors of the world have to keep doing so. And eventually, they lose. Victory can't always happen.

In a desperate attempt to save the world, Twilight Sparkle attempts a spell that will bring forth those that use the magic of the sun, the villains' seemingly only weakness, assuming that it can bring back her mentor.

Instead, she gets the Joestars.

A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and My Little Pony Crossover Fiction.

Chapters (6)

Taking place shortly after Season 5 Episode 16, Rarity and Applejack meet a curious fellow buying a hideous scarf.

Welcome to a world were the events that happened in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure have taken place in the My Little Pony universe. And the story starts as the war that had been normally fought within the dead of night, starts growing to the point where the protagonist, Joseph Joestar, may not be enough to quell the oncoming storm.

A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure x My Little Pony Fiction Story.

Chapters (5)
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