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Being a role in a story for a long time can really stress ponies and changelings out like with Celestia and Chrysalis. Celestia has been the caring ruler for so long she's almost forgotten how to let loose and have some real fun or a real life for herself. And Chrysalis has played the villain for so long she's all but completely forget what she was before her time as a queen. I think it's time to change that.

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I'm not bad. Simple as that. Stop looking at me like that? I'm serious cut it out. Why does everyone think that I'm the bad guy? Girl? Whatever.

(Looking for editor. PM me if your interested.)

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A teen named Eris was put in a mental institution after she burned her house down just to watch it burn. She always loved staring at fire she mainly just watches mlp all day and night. She is huge fan of the character discord she loved everything about him. She hates how she is stuck in this nut house and just wishes she could be like discord one day but, even the most craziest of dreams can come true.

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