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Just a teenage gamer/writer who writes stories in his spare time...

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I'm back from the dead! · 11:23pm Nov 20th, 2018

Long time no see! As you can see, I am back from the dead, as some would say. XD

I know it's been a LONG time, but my personal live has gotten in the way. However, to celebrate my return (not really :p), there will be a new chapter posted very soon!

I will try to be more active, that is a promise that I am going to try and keep!

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Thanks for stalking me! I love random people stalking me! Its sooo fun...

Hey! Just found your profile from another story I read and I take it you like RD and Scoots fics and whatnot! Same with me! :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

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