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by PoH

Her whole life, Fluttershy never liked being the center of attention. Reaching no higher than above average grades and keeping entirely to herself, she blended into the general population. After meeting her new friends, she gathered herself to interact with people once again. But after a walk to their favorite lunch spot one fateful day to wait for her ride home, life-changing eyes where lain on her.


  • Skin colors are not colorful. (Normal flesh)
  • Magic does not exist.
  • Equestria remains under Celestia and Luna's reign.
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All is well within Achievement Hunter headquarters. Michael, Ray, Gavin, Jack, Ryan, and Geoff all barely finish a Let's Play of Minecraft. Once the camera's are turned off and shenanigans begin to ensue, a bright light engulfs the room, transporting them to some unknown and very colorful place.

Before the eyes of the Princesses of Friendship, Crystal Empire, Sun, and Moon appear six large and hairy creatures. Once awakened, they begin asking questions and demanding answers. With their newfound friends of vibrant ponies, the Achievement Hunter crew and the Mane Six must assist the ponies of Equestria to rid them of a darkness that threatens all dimensions and, hopefully, return home.

Rated T for swearing, some blood, depictions of violence, and alcohol consumption.

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