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Li Cruz

Just excerising my creative muscle.


Legend of Neirule · 4:18pm Oct 14th, 2017

I can say Memoria is mostly dead at this point. I've lost my notes for that. However, enjoy the newest addition. A sort of Legend of Zelda meets My Little Pony and dude, what I can see in my head is a dark story - about as Dark as the last entry in Memoria.

This story is kind writing itself and man, it is scary. I mean the writing part....

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Ah, so, er.... · 3:10pm Dec 13th, 2015

Okay, this latest post, Hope is Last, is probably the darkest thing I've written in a long time. Ha-ha-ha.

Next one should be less grim and more bouncy - maybe. A Heart-warming Eve type? Or a simple slice of life bit. Don't know.

Anyway, enjoy it!

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Memoria · 2:45pm Nov 23rd, 2015

Not that it would interest anyone...
So this little story was more of a niggling thought. Even though no one seen the season finale, what if Starlight Glimmer's spell to affect time had more serious effect?
Add in an old idea about a group trying to keep one step ahead of a Queen, Memoria was that outcome. Admittedly I could have used Rainbow Dash for the head-strong and rash prisoner in the beginning here, but Luna seemed a better fit.

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