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I write pony stories sometimes, although it makes my skin crawl to do it.

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When you are a war criminal, what do you do? Well, first, you spend your life on the run. Secondly, you make alliances, partnerships, and yes, even friendships with anyone and everyone who can help you.

What happens, though, if your partner not only has their own skeletons in the closet, but is a member of the peoples who you just stopped fighting mere years ago?

This story was crafted in a world where there has just been a Griffin-Pony war. Tensions are high, hatred and distrust is mutual, and yes, some bigotry still pervades the world.

Tagged AU because I haven't the foggiest whether Griffins have been expounded upon in media I haven't seen yet, and it deals in the vague pre-FIM era.

Rated T for references to war, violence, and general bad stuff. Nothing, like, super-edgy or over-the-top, though.

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Twilight Sparkle's new duties as a Princess of Equestria are not limited to paperwork and speeches. Also of importance is discovering what once was, so that what will be is not lost to the same mistakes. Deep within Canterlot Castle rests an item of great power, capable of 'reliving' the memories of those who have gone before. Celestia takes Twilight on a journey of the mind to see what happened those many years ago, when sister fought sister and the world suffered, the narrative being explored through a very distinct perspective. Can Twilight step up to the task, and face the darkness as readily as she does the light?

Note: AU tag applies in light of S4's premiere, as we now know the epic battle of light vs. dark was a 3 minute affair.

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Why was Twilight foalsat by a Princess? Why did Celestia herself take such a preference to her? And what is the truth behind being the Element of Magic? This is a story about Celestia's tutelage of young Twilight, Cadance's caretaking of Equestria's only hope, and brief glances into the past, where we learn how Nightmare Moon came to be.


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ON HIATUS. All my efforts are currently being devoted to my new story, Tipping Point, and also as you can see this one kind of fell by the wayside anyway.

This story is an attempt to explain a fan theory rolling around, that ponies (and other Equestrian creatures) are the remnants of an advanced human society capable of constructing life that could alter reality. The story is based around the war wrought by an unholy combination of several of humanity's "constructs" (creatures with different capabilities), one known as a draconequus (yes, that's right, Discord himself) and battled by the two Celestials; it will jump between the years before Discord's reign, to many years after, and everywhere in between.

Note, if you are looking to see the main FiM cast, you're at the wrong story; the only familiar faces are going to be the princesses and Discord.

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