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Pinkie Pie bakes a batch of cupcakes. Without a knife, this time.

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Twilight Sparkle discusses life with Discord; Twilight reminisces a bit about her childhood.

Author's Note: My little sister just got diagnosed with cancer and is going through chemotherapy. She wrote this story; I'm uploading it on her behalf after having checked it for grammar and edited it for length. Please upvote this story. It doesn't look like she's going to make it. She's only seven years old, and she was bullied in school constantly. Having her story be featured would make her so happy. I don't actually expect it to happen (people are cruel), but if it did, then I'd be really grateful.

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The Adeptus Astartes -- the Space Marines -- are the genetically modified super-soldiers of the Imperium of Mankind, sword to protect humankind from the great many things which threaten to destroy it in the grim darkness of the far future where this is only war, misery, and the ever-looming threat of extinction.

Sounds unpleasant, doesn't it? Well, there's one very lucky Space Marine, from the Space Wolves Chapter, who gets to escape all that and live in a world of adorable little horsies. How, you may ask? Well, there's a certain Chaos God...

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