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Achievement Unlocked!

You earned the...

The first clue was the name over the achievement was the same as my username, and then the achievement said it was just trying to pay for it's online service. And then I asked it how much it needed, and it said, "About tree-fiddy." Well it was about that time I realized...


Thanks for the favourite on "Private Pie". :twilightsmile:

If you have anything to say about it, or any way I can improve, I'd be happy to hear.

I follow you for that epic speech in the story by Bucking Nonsense "All Hail to the Overgoat!". You are a glorious, and I deem you worthy!

I appreciate your favoriting Talking is Magic.

Thanks for the fave on "What My Dark Half Is Telling Me". NIce to see that my first fan-fiction is still getting a reaction.

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