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Stella Aquilonaris

-=✶Realities from dust, dust from words, words from dreams. Cogito ergo sum✶=-

I close my eyes, and there they are: hundreds of fantasies and realities, filled with endless possibility. The story is there, in the back of your mind, surfacing through dreams and hallucinations. You don't live only in a single world, you live in all of them, and you can make them reality. All you have to do is write.

Cogito Ergo Sum=-


Of a Fading Dream:
Act 1 — A number of years in the future, a teenage boy finds his world turned upside-down when a fallen God of old returns with sinister intentions. He must now decide his own future in an unfamiliar time resembling years long past.

Come to Dust:
Act 1 — The planet is dying. A mutated single-celled parasite spreads a malaria-like disease with unrivaled efficiency, ravaging the nations of the world with each new rainfall. Only the cold of winter can slow the spread. One option is left: the planet must be left behind.


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