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My Musical Works

Here are all of my musical works that I have done for myself and the community as a whole!

Heart of a Dragon Soundtrack:
This particular soundtrack was designed for the Heart of a Dragon fic by my good friend Razorbeam. Each of the songs on this playlist are linked directly to the fic, and it was the beginnings of my journey as a composer for the fandom.

The Fall:
This particular piece I designed for a contest, and is based around the emotional turmoil of Luna vs Nightmare Moon. The piece attempts to tell the tale of Luna's corruption, fall, and eventual isolation on the Moon filled with nothing but regret.

You can donate to my music fund here.


Update On Master of Stars Revisited · 5:27pm Jul 18th, 2014

The coast is clear? Razorbeam isn't around?

Alright, cool. I can start.

So, you all are probably curious as to what I would have to blog about since I announced quite some time ago that I would be cancelling my work on Master of Stars. Well, the answer is that I simply want to give those of you who were fans of the opening section of MoS a new update:

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I just realised I never responded to this, even though I know I did read it. It does mean a lot to me that my music helped to inspire some of your own writing and stories. Truly. It's always good to see someone who has so much emotion and passion about the works I create.

I truly appreciate what you've said and I thank you for listening. :raritywink:

YES! I have finally found you, not being creepy or anything. :pinkiecrazy:

Can I just say how amazing your beautiful music is, and how amazing and individual each piece is. Your music has inspired so many of my own stories to be written so I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the amazing work you have. Without music like yours I would never find the emotions and passion I need for my writing.

~ Bee xoxo :rainbowkiss:

Hello, Socratic. Wanted to thank you for favoriting my story. I'm very appreciative, and I hope you stick around 'till the end. :yay:


Will do! Glad you are enjoying everything so much! I still have two songs to do before the OST for it is finally complete, so stay tuned for those sometime in the future. :twilightsmile:


Questions answered fully, thank you. :twilightsmile:

I'm currently listening to your "Heart of a Dragon" playlist, and thinking: "Worth it. Totally worth it." Also, please tell Mia that I really like her singing. I'm definitely going to have to re-read that story soon, just so I can listen to your music at the appropriate points. :trollestia: :heart: :moustache: :heart: :raritywink:

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