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I am DannyPager, that is both my pen name and my oc's name.I enjoy writing and I hope you'll like my fics.


Rock Poetry · 9:56pm Sep 30th, 2017

Just a short poetry thing

Rocks, so chiseled and grey clear as day.

Pebbles, small and shy, says goodbye

Stone, dense demon heavy and still

minerals maintained, thousands sanded, hundreds rocked

Whatever happens, granite will always be true

Obsidian, strong as a mighty force, is great compared to a fragile horse

Chalk, dry as dead but more lively as ever

Coal will cater to your every wim, don’t make him angry or he will win

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Prince Spike · 2:06am Sep 30th, 2017

My new clopfic is out, it's pretty good. That is all.

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Finished my latest story · 2:36am Sep 4th, 2016

Finished my latest story called cloudy with a chance of dragon sperm. Anthro story so technically not a dragon, but no one reads clop to look at very specific meaningless bits of info. I hope all who read it found some enjoyment.:pinkiehappy:

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