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Just a random guy who stumbled into a fictional universe that actually inspired him to write.

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It's the night before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration and the Royal Guards assigned to Ponyville are arriving to secure the town. Among them is Jade Storm, the newest and youngest member of the Royal Guard. In fact, he is one of the youngest ponies ever to join the royal guard directly from the academy. He was immediately resented by his fellow guards and rumours swirled around about meddling noble families and favouritism.

Jade simply carried on as best he could since joining the guard was his dream for many years. For him, this was his way to prove he was able to stand on his own hooves. To show those ponies who turned their backs on him that he had value. Most of all, it was a way for Jade Storm to convince himself he wasn't useless like he had been told by nearly everypony he knew. Someday a chance to prove himself would arise and he would take that opportunity without hesitation.

Gore Tag: The early chapters have some violent events and descriptions of injuries that may be disturbing to some readers.

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This story is a sequel to Impossible Chance

Exhausted from a long train ride, Twilight Sparkle did something she thought she'd never have the courage to do. She told Rarity she liked mares and that she had a crush on one specific mare. The admission that Rarity was the target of her affection just slipped out and Twilight was absolutely certain she had destroyed her friendship.

Instead the impossible became reality when Rarity offered Twilight Sparkle a chance even though she has never been attracted to mares. Can a relationship that seems like an impossible dream survive the trials brought on by reality?

Twilight x Rarity sequel.

Chapters (2)

On the day of Twilight Sparkle's wedding Rarity thinks back over the past several months since Twilight announced her engagement. Their friendship became something more but it never crossed an unspoken line. She should have said something sooner but Rarity was silent when she should have used words. Now it might be too late.

Rarity x Twilight

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Twilight Sparkle has been lonely for a long time. Long before she moved to Ponyville she had discovered she was attracted to mares. The day she arrived in her new home, she laid eyes on the most gorgeous mare she had ever seen. A mare she was certain would never feel the same way about her. As time passed she fell deeper in love with Rarity even as she became more certain those feelings would never be requited by her friend.

Twilight x Rarity in case you hadn't guessed.

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One month ago Silver Spark started school at Canterlot High after moving to get away from his past and recover from his loss. This plan hasn't gone very well so far; it's almost as if someone is actively trying to ruin his life. Friendless and avoided by the bulk student body, he is an ideal target for bullies. The Fall Formal is coming soon and Silver might just find a place for a proper new beginning.

Still, ignoring the past doesn't make it go away. It has a habit of popping back up in the strangest ways.

Rewrite Status - 2017-09-05: Chapter 1 - 8 Completed. Any re-written chapters will be marked with (R). Please note the rewrites will not substantially change the plot and are not required reading to understand future chapters.

*Rated Teen for themes of depression and self-harm, some violence including fist and sword fighting, occasional swearing, complex and non-traditional relationships, implied or slightly overt sexuality that might necessitate the appropriate tag in the future but nothing explicit and probably some other inappropriate things that you could expect to hear in high school.

Note: This is a re-telling/writing of the Equestria Girls storyline starting at the very beginning but primarily from the perspective of a new character. If you are curious what Silver Spark looks like, you can see a picture of him here thought it might spoil things a tiny bit.

Warning! There are potential spoilers in the comments!

Chapters (54)
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