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Maggie Wilson (27), on a smoke break from her dead end convenience store job in the California mountains, encounters the divine god-princess of a dead world. The princess asks for her help. Mag says yes.

So how do you resurrect a dead world?

The original story can be found here: A New Sun

This rewrite is done with
Ragnar autorization as he is no longer writing the story.

Relevant blog post here: here

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I am now Princess Luna, and it’s not as fun as you might think. I don’t know what’s going on, how I got here, or what I’m going to do. Princess Celestia thinks I’m crazy, that I’ve lost my mind…

But something tells me I’m stuck here… so one way or another, I’m going to have to get used to this new life. Now if only I could figure out this stupid Magic stuff...

Story by Pinklestia with the collaboration of Rainbow Sparkle for the first three chapters.

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NOTICE: Yes, we are still looking for an Editor and or Beta Readers for this story. Any help will be apreciated!

You ever wondered what it'd be like to be a pony? Yeah, well good for you. Unfortunately thinking about it and actually living it are two entirely different things.

Seven unlucky humans find themselves thrust into the bodies of seven very special ponies. Though they are special, they are not who one would expect. They are:

Twilight the Wish Granter.

Moondancer the Dream Weaver.

Firefly the Dancing Daredevil.

Posey the Gentle Gardener.

Sparkler the Diamond Diva.

Silly 'ol Surprise.

And of course the clumsy but well-meaning Applejack.

Join these seven unlucky souls on their journey as they are thrust into a struggle for survival in a rapidly changing world. Will they manage to survive? Or will the challenges presented be too great for them?

Story by Pinklestia with the collaboration of BreakDown

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Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria went into the human world to get her crown back, but it was a confused human Twilight Sparkle who returned to Equestria. Now the former human is stuck as a blank flank unicorn, and the element of magic is in the human world for the next thirty moons.

Can you say, Equestria is doomed?

Based on Equestria Girls but you DON'T need to have seen the movie to understand what's going on. Also I started to write this story just after the first movie, hence why this in an alternate universe and has differences with canon in later Equestria Girls movies. And is not like the premise of the story, that the way the mirror works is different, is not an AU to start with.

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What happens when your replace the Chrono Trigger cast with the with ponies? And that World becomes fused with Equestria?

A Chrono Trigger & My little Pony: Friendship is magic fanfic Fusion fanfic.

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Princess Luna wants to regain her sister's trust, but when Celestia begins to finally be honest with her, things start to change.

This story has a Live Reading, you can find it here:


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