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Hey, it's me, Skelly! I'm that music skeleton horse guy who made the music for the story and stuff.

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Equestria is gone. Canterlot, Manehattan, Ponyville. All nothing more than piles of rubble.

Relic is not a pony.

He is an FF-7 unit, a synthetic pony built hundreds of years ago and modified to scavenge the Ruins of Canterlot for scraps and supplies. One day, he finds a mysterious, red, lightning bolt-shaped gem; triggering the adventure of a lifetime. While battling monsters and maniacs, Relic experiences changes in himself that he never before thought possible.

Every OC featured in the story will be credited in the afterword! Be sure to leave a description of your OC in the official idea page!
Editors and Pre-Readers will be credited in the participated chapter's author note. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Creating a soundtrack! Want to contribute or listen? Here's my SoundCloud!

This is NOT a Fallout: Equestria side story. However, if it suits your fancy, feel free to believe so. But this is not FoE related, and any similarities are merely accidental or simply references.
Rated Teen for violence and sexual references. Gore tag for blood and... well... gore.

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The forest is alive.

Everypony knows that. What they don't know is how the forest controls itself. Like how does the forest appears to harvest its own fruits, move its own clouds, and raise its own animals?

And if a menace threatens the forest, how can it protect itself? After a forest fire decimates a large portion of the Everfree and a dryad sapling goes missing, the ponies of Ponyville are blamed for the act of arson and kidnapping. Can Twilight Sparkle and Resin the dryad prevent the Everfree Forest from unleashing its vengeful wrath upon all of Equestria?

Formerly known as "FOREVERFREE". Currently accepting applications for editors and pre-readers. May or may not join the Discord livewrite chat.

Chapters (4)
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