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sometimes ideas pop up that need to be written down

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It's a Rick and Morty AU Adventure! Twilight is Rick and Spike is Morty. Read it with the voices; you know you want to.

An idea that spawned under mild inebriation and built strength the longer I thought about it. Not strictly a crossover I think as the characters from MLP are taking on traits from other shows rather than literally meeting up, but seems a worthwhile tag.

Cover art cropped from Rick and Morty + MLP by MXCoriginal, showing this idea is far from original.

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Far from Equestria across the ocean there is a kingdom known as Lemuria. The lemurs there try to make as much contact as possible with Equestria but seem more interested in deference and respect than friendship.

Now the next diplomatic group from Lemuria has arrived with a mysterious power that makes even the strongest willed ponies completly agreeable to lemur's demands, and if they aren't stopped it could mean the end of Equestria as ponies know it.

Rated PG

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