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I was able to graduate from college with a degree in photography, yet I never acieved my dream. Ofcourse I compromised and became a model, as well as the girlfriend to Fancy Pants. My life appeared perfect to all the gossip magazines and my fans, but truly I felt empty and alone. And obviously I hit a few road bumps on my journey to finally be a photographer such as angry managers, a secret relationship, and even a murder. But I never quite gave up on that dream of mine, not ever.

Cover by Thresha8

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Twilight has been crushing on her teacher for years, and for many, it is growing quite obvious. Even though, she knows it won't work. But when she visits Canterlot for the Grand Galloping Gala, things change. Romantic tensions begin to rise, and maybe, if Twilight is lucky, it might work.


Warning: F/F Shipping, Small Language


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