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Glass Turtle

I like puns and sushi. Contact me if you need poorly edited images, I'll do it for free (just give me a few hours). [insert smiley face here]


Read It When? · 4:32am Jan 20th, 2017

>when you accidentally close the window just as you finish a blog post
Okay, let me try this again.
(this blog post has been recreated to the best of my ability)


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New Bookshelf Completed · 8:35pm Sep 26th, 2016

I decided to make my new Favorites shelf into a separate Top 25 bookshelf for me to easily find and re-read the stories I enjoy the most. This list is not meant to offend or make any author feel better about themselves.

List based on the following criteria:

1. How many times I read the story
2. How many times I want to read it again
3. How interesting the story was to me

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Favorites Bookshelf Being Rearranged · 9:56pm Sep 25th, 2016

My Favorites bookshelf is in the process of being arranged from greatest to slightly-less-greater-but-still-great. Check back soon!

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