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I like the rainbow one.


A little filly named Scootaloo is left to ponder over her lifelong dream of one day being able to soar high above the clouds, becoming lost in her own imaginings.

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Rainbow Dash, an audacious, speed and flight-obsessed Pegasus who can't seem to keep her hooves on the ground for long tries to show her gentle, easygoing friend who is capable of flight, but does not care for it, the amount of joy it can bring if she is able to lose herself in it properly.

Fluttershy, a meek, demure Pegasus who would rather spend her days walking through sun-kissed gardens than soaring high up above like all other Pegasus ponies, tries to show her speed demon friend that slowing down and becoming one-with-the-earth isn't so boring as one may think.

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This story is a sequel to Free Falling

After bumping into each other during a rainstorm, the adventure between Rainbow Dash and Soarin continues when Soarin decides where they should go to hangout over the weekend together.

Rainbow Dash doesn't act so much like her normal, brash self when she's around Soarin, and this doesn't go unnoticed by a certain, pink Earth pony...

Oh boy.

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Rainbow Dash loves flying more than anything else in the world. Anyone can see the passion that burns in her eyes while she's soaring high above the clouds riding the tailwinds. She lives for adventure no matter what the cost may be.

Does anything out there have the ability to outrival her love of flight?

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