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After meeting a bizarre colt in the ruins of an old castle, Rainbow Dash is thrust into the desolate land of Lordran. Trying to find a way back home, or at least to Equestria, join Rainbow on her quest across this land, as she finds out just how badly things are becoming here. A little brashness and a little more coolness might just be what this world needs.
Note: This is a side story to Sunset Shimmer and the Land of Pokémon. To fully understand this story's setup, and the previous paragraph, please read that one first. Or at least the first two 'paralogues' inside of that story. A general knowledge of Dark Souls 1 doesn't hurt either.
Contains: Use of crass language, death, violence, Dark Souls sh*t in general, and unhealthy amounts of awesomeness and coolness. Oh yeah, and this story is using the EQG Rainbow Dash, not the pony one.

Inside Dash's Inventory of Awesome
Hollow soldier armor / boots / gauntlets / sword (broken) / shield
Estus Flask
Peculiar Doll
Lavender Sign Soapstone

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Sunset Shimmer is just an average, everyday unicorn-turned-magical-girl who fights off the occasional arcane threat to her local high school, that hails from her old home dimension. After the recent mishap of the Friendship Games, Sunset knows she has found true magic in the form of six great friends and a talking dog. With this magic, she knows she can handle any situation that can come her way.
Unfortunately, waking up in a strange city with a stranger animal on her head doesn't quite qualify as something she's prepared for.

Current Pokémon teams (Semi-Spoilers abound)
Sunset Shimmer:
Flandre: Espurr, female. Likes to blank out and stare.
Abel: Absol, male. Young and childlike. Speaks human language.
Rio: Greninja, male. Silent Gentleman.
Esmeralda: Gardevoir, female. Protective and elegant.
Dauntless: Gigalith, male. Likes to cuddle.
Nightshade: Honchcrow, male. Prankster by heart.
Terrabyte (Terra): Metagross, unknown. Analytic and curious.
Arisu: Slackoth, female. Swifter than she looks.
One more Pokémon who has not been revealed yet.

Chapters (16)
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