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Getting a cat · 2:26pm Mar 28th, 2017

Some people say you pick the but the thing is that you don't pick the cat. The cat picks you.

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sadness · 3:27pm May 23rd, 2016

three weeks ago my cat cj had died and i miss him so much i wish i could see him again but you know cats and dogs come and go.i will miss him.but i am kinda over it now.sorry my blog was short this time.

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cats and dogs friends · 4:13pm Jan 28th, 2016

sorry i haven't blogged in awhile . you know most people say cat and dogs are enemies for life. but in a way that is not true cats and dogs don't hate each other.the truth is cats and dogs can choose to like each other if they want to. now cats are more supeior in servel ways such as climb trees, jump up on stuff to get away from a dog. just give the cats and dogs a chance and they just might surpise you. i know this because i seen it happen before. if you are one of those people who says that

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cats · 7:57pm Oct 29th, 2015

cats are basic animals that like to eat and sleep. so i'm basicly saying cats are sweet lovable animals some more than dogs. like i talked about in my last blog animal abuse stories. my naighbor took in a litte munchkin cat just becaue someone droped it off. when i heard what thay did it made me happy. i also took in my dog merlin. every single day when i get home from school and where is my cat c.j. he is in my room on my bed or in my chair i have. so i 'm going close out with this if you

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animal abuse stories · 1:48pm Oct 21st, 2015

today as i was reading dustin lange's story about how he got his dog it made me think of the time i got my dog merlin. someone had just droped him off at my house. my mom and dad was gone to washington d.c. so i played with him and feed him. when my mom and dad got back he was happy so we kept him. Also not too long ago someone droped a cat at my neighbors house. they already had a dog named rosie. so they took the cat in and named him hobo.

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animal abuse · 6:31pm Oct 15th, 2015

what is animal abuse well let me tell you animal abuse is Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal, for purposes other than self-defense or survival. every day cats and dogs are being abused.they need you to be their voice.they want you to help them.there are people willing to risk their live for them.if you read this please stop animal abuse.stop animal abuse and save a life.

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