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I'm a pegasister who writes bad stories! But I'm awesome cause my bro is SuperKamek! I'm a slow writer. Also check out my first story! Thx! ^-^

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Arctic Blizzard is about a young Crystal Pony, named Amethyst Borealis, whose dreams have been altered by an unknown, shadowy force. At first she ignores them. Soon, in her dream, a shadowy figure tells her that she is going to lose all her loved ones. Amethyst doesn't believe it but soon after that her mother goes missing in a terrible snow storm. Then her brother. She can still sense that her brother is alive through her strange an mysterious dreams. She now has to venture out into the cold, barren wasteland that is the Frozen North, to search for her only known family left. It will be a dangerous, scary and long journey but she is willing to do anything to make sure her brother is safe, and alive.

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