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Not much to say... Just a fellow fan that wants to make a good story after reading a few.

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After failing to stop Nightmare Moon in the ancient castle of the pony sisters, Twilight Sparkle is left with a scar that will permanently change the rest of her natural born life. As Twilight recovers from her ordeal, she finds that she is left with a difficult choice. Either live her life as a lie or sacrifice her innocence to protect the ones she loves. The path before her is set and she must now walk it alone. The sands of time continues ever onward, with everyone already trapped in its muddy depths. The sun will rise and the sun will fall. Waiting for its call, Death awaits for all.

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A new pony mysteriously appears before Twilight and her friends. She is quickly accepted into the group and begins enjoying her new life. However, there's something off about this "new friend" and the group attempts to find out. What they find out however, was never what they expected. What is the purpose of this new pony? What does she want most of all? Jump in and find out! Rated T: possible gore, possible mature themes

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