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Sweetie Belle is one of Scootaloo's best friends ever so when the little unicorn filly begs her to tag along to their clubhouse for a secret fun she knows, Scootaloo doesn't think too much of it. Unannounced to Scootaloo was exactly what they'd be doing, or simply wearing, for fun.
Diapers!? This is what she wanted us to do, wear these?? We aren't even foals! Even for Sweetie Belle, this shouldn't feel that normal. She couldn't possibly make this any weirder...

Cover art is an old commission from Hooligans87 drawn by ArtieCanvas. both on FurAffinity

original story link here: https://www.deviantart.com/snowingloo/art/Fun-in-the-Clubhouse-short-530583196
(Don't worry, I'm the same writer)

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