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I have been an on and off fanfic writer for 20 years and am in the process of exorcising writing demons. I also do poetry, but I don't do windows. http://pyrexshards.net

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It has been over a half-century since Spike last saw Rarity alive. He never got to tell her those three simple words that he needed her to hear, even on the eve of her death, and it has haunted him ever since. How would Rarity have responded if Spike had managed to say "I love you?"

Enter the Spirit Candle, an enchanted candle as old as the Canterlot palace. It is able to project the shadows of spirits, and is particularly powerful on Nightmare Night during a full moon. Spike doesn't even know if it will work, but with Twilight's help, he's going to try. He may finally get his closure with Rarity. But what will the cost be?

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Moon Dancer’s future is looking bright. She has two major things going for her, intelligence and rediscovered friends with whom she’s making up for lost time. A chance run-in with the portal mirror traps her in the human world. With Sunset Shimmer as her guide, Moon Dancer will discover just what her place is in the multiverse. Perhaps she will also save two universes that are on the verge of ripping apart at the seams, if she could figure out just what Sunset Shimmer is hiding from everyone.

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