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Book update · 1:40am Oct 23rd, 2018

Sorry about not updating the story in some time, I forgot about it for a bit. Hard day at work and other public events got in the way.
I will try my best to update it from now on.
you can thanks user Fireflower for the reminder as they have added it to not one but two of there book shelf.
I will get chapter 3 up asap, just have to look at the last chapter to remind myself where Twilight left off.

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Chapter update · 5:33pm Aug 11th, 2018

Hi, everyone.
by now you may or may not have been sent an email saying a story was updated, I had some time and worked on the 2ent chapter of RRT or the Rock Raider Trip. I ask that you help me fix some of the issue that are effecting this story.
anything constructive is helpful in fixing/moving the story along.
my editor and I have not had a lot of time to work on the story due to IRL getting in the way.

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Email spam? · 3:05am May 29th, 2018

Hi, everyone. I am about to post the next chapter but it will be highly unedited. I will try my best to limit the spam you may or maynot get in activation about what I am doing, again this will be unedited until I can fix any issue that come up.

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MLP hit in another show. · 7:11pm May 16th, 2018

hi, everyone. I have not been online as active as before due to the fact I have a job now.
But that's not the idea behind this post.
I was watching an old show called super wings on Netfilix when I found something cool.

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Online activity · 5:24pm Mar 18th, 2018

Hi, everyone.
Due to an event that is out of my hands I will be moving tomorrow the 19th and may not get internet till the night of the 20th or 21 depending on what I am doing that day and when I can come online after words due to the fact I will be helping my mom un-pack the house and training for my new job.
Hope to be online soon,
Update: Hi, everyone

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multiple book collab requested. · 10:04pm Jan 24th, 2018

I had an idea for a 18+ level colab and am asking if anyone will like to help.

the idea is simple
Twilight is working on a spell and when her friends tripped it the spell made them into a hive mind.
Now with more magic added from who knows where Twilight and friends may have to get help before they fall into a 6 way sex fest.
Fetishes are to be listed and I myself don't know my limits other then no gore or death.

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Help Requested · 2:43am Jul 19th, 2017

Hi, everypony.

Due to how I will be using this account I have started to write an 18+ Twilight corruption story that lightly connects to User: Headless Rainbow. I am sad to say that my current editor has voiced his......dislike for it and that has lead to me making a new 18+ editor position with the story.
Headless will have access so he can check the story with his, this is so his will flow into mine but will not 'say' how the first one ends.

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idea collecting · 11:37am Oct 25th, 2016

I see that some ponies are not as active on the interaction as I was hoping.


using the link provided I will be collecting Ideas that may or may not end up in my stories.
I am having some trouble thinking of ideas, the ones I have are mixing and it's hard to keep them in line.
heres hoping for some ideas.

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My first story · 11:58am Oct 12th, 2016

hi, everyone.

Due to my editor's impatience I will be able to upload my story faster than first planned.

So to kick start the idea, I am opening this post with an "ask X" event.
What will happen is that Saturday at 6 PM mountain time I will be posting a blog post with the replies to your questions.
all the main mares from the show are on the list.
AU Spike(Will not have a canon counterpart.)
Bon Bon(This is a mix of the human and pony we all know and love)

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First story upload · 5:21am Mar 6th, 2016

Hi, everypony

I am working on my first story with a partner that right now did not like his name posted.

The story will follow Twilight and the mane 6, as they adventure outside of their home star system.

'Twilight the Princess of friendship, thinking of trying some seal magic to find out what evil is targeting her home.'

Now my question for all of you is, do I upload it now or when it's done?

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