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i`m just a fan and a begin writer. I want to give something back to the fandom that being me so much joy over the last 3 years this fandom. I give my imagination as payment for being me so much joy.

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Well, It that time of year. Its my birthday. -+

Wow, a year had pass. Happy birthday to me I guess

The best way I've learned how to write; is read. Do it often and take note of grammar and ideas in structure.

Also, it's good to practice just writing, instead of uploading it, you'll be surprised by the things you learn. Sometimes you'll look back and not like what you have written, so give the story time to breathe and read it again before uploading it, making changes as you see fit.

I'll be happy to proofread a story and give some suggestions, but read it first, before anyone else.
Happy to help, if I can.

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