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HA.... HA.... Ha.... hA.... ha · 3:49am August 29th

Haha.... sorry for not being active... I kinda sorta forgot about this while school started.... FRICKLE FRACKLE.

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Thanks for reading my story, "All That Remains." Don't forget to leave it an upvote if you haven't already. :scootangel:

Thx for da follow!

Hello and welcome to The Lost Souls. We hope you enjoy your stay and if you need to talk, we are open at anytime. If you know someone who needs some love/TLC, bring them by. I hope we get to see you around.

Anyways, hopefully, he doesn't harass you again. If something like that happens again or if you need someone to talk to, I'm all ears. In the meantime, I've got stories to read/write.:moustache:

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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