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Things to Come · 3:03pm Jan 5th, 2014

So after reading through the comics, I've got a really, really good idea for a massive Sparity arc leading up to Nightmare Rarity that I think you guys are going to love. There will of course still be Flutterspike (and other Spike pairings will be teased because I'm that kind of writer). Part 2 will end with Equestria Girls and a timeskip. However, that's easily another dozen arcs away, at least. Our next arc will focus on Dreamy and her true identity as Spike and Twilight dig into his past

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Happy New Year · 3:02am Jan 2nd, 2014

Now that I'm back and actively working on the fic, what are some things you want to see? It can be canon stuff, fanon stuff, stuff from the comics... whatever. Not promising anything but I do like to keep my readers happy.

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I'm back · 6:25pm Dec 14th, 2013

Prepare for more awesome. I have a desktop computer so I won't be dropping this one. No more blue screens of death for me, no sir. And I also discovered the new, scarier big brother of bsod.

I present to you the blue/purple/green and occasionally red pinstriped screen of go fuck yourself

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Not dead! · 8:04pm Jun 26th, 2013

Progress is slow, especially since I lack a computer. I am still working on Adventures. In fact, I've even started on working Equestria Girls into it. Hopefully, I will have the money for a new laptop in a few more weeks. Be patient a little while longer, and Spike will be back, better than ever.

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Hey! · 6:39am Feb 14th, 2013

Sorry for my absence! My dog ate my laptop cable. Thankfully, I found a job so I was able to replace it, so we're all good now and I can start writing again. I am so so so so so so so sorry! In return, anyone who asks a question at this blog about Adventures of Spike will have them answered as unspoiler-y as possible.

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GOOD NEWS! · 7:53pm Jan 15th, 2013

Well at least for you guys. I'm now in Hawaii, settled in and over jet lag now. Well... kinda. I keep waking up at odd hours in the morning but hey my sleeping habits are not important to you guys right now.

The good news is that I'm settled in now and I still lack a job, so I've got time to write and plenty of it at that. Expect a chapter this weekend. Because I have literally nothing else to do besides training an adorable husky pup to pee outside.

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Tentative Arc Names · 10:15pm Jan 6th, 2013

1. So What Now?

2. Quit Monkeyin' Around

3. Spike-Fu

4. Apples and Oranges

5. Sunbeam

6. It's a Wonderful Day for (Pinkie) Pie

7. The Legend of Star Swirl The Bearded

8, The Doctor and the Dragon

9. Sunshine Sunshine

10. Luna's Day Off

11. The Canterlot Fashion Show

12. What's Changed is The Same

13. The Crystal Empire

14. The Cult of Smooze

Start speculating.... NOW!

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Sorry bout the long wait · 4:11pm Jan 1st, 2013

I'm currently in the process of moving to Hawaii and all my time has been devoted to training my replacement at work and seeing friends before I head off. I promise that the next chapter will be up soon within the next two weeks.

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Villians · 3:05am Dec 17th, 2012

I got to thinking about potential villains, and I'm thinking about somewhere in the long run of the Adventures of Spike.... including G1 badass evil dude, Tirek. I think he'd be fun to throw into the larger scheme of things. I mean, if you think about it, there is a larger force of evil in Equestria, and he more or less embodies evil itself.

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Oh my god... · 1:45am Dec 15th, 2012

those poor kids in Connecticut... those poor families. I don't... have words.

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