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Good at ideas, bad at writing them down. looking for someone good at the latter, if you're interested.

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Two thousand years before the actions of the Bearers of Harmony, Celestia Solis and Luna Noctis are found as fillies in a small village in the countryside by a unicorn mage passing through. Seeing their physical traits, he negotiated with their father to let him take them to the capital, Everfree City. Two years later, they find their talents as the shepherds of the celestial bodies. Not too long afterward, the demon Discord reared his mismatched head. It took three years to defeat him, and ever since, the teens were pressured into taking the throne. Ten years after their Cutie Marks manifested, they have been trained adequately and have come to take their rightful throne. Unfortunately, the existing nobles that formed under the regent, Starburst, have gotten complacent with their power, and seek to remove the ones looking to unseat them. 

See Celestia Rise.


Please point out any and all errors you find, I am just starting any kind of story writing.

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Celestia kicks the bucket. Everyone kicks buckets. It turns out that some sayings hold more truth than we realize.

This is just a thing me and a friend of mine came up with, please do help me with editing critiques as this is my first story.

Chapters (1)
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