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Applejack's favorite thing to do after a long week is to relax on the couch and watch her favorite show. And somehow, Rainbow always shows up at the right time to 'hang out'. Because Rainbow's there to spend time with her fiancée, not to watch the show. Because it's a lame and boring show and she doesn't like it. Nope, not at all.

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Rainbow was never one to stray away from trouble, even if it meant getting caught reading her fiancée's journal, but somehow she doesn't think Applejack will mind since she's laid-up in bed recovering from a nasty car wreck. Besides, the entries in the journal might be their only connection now and Rainbow wants to hold on to the memories for as long as she can.

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After setting the envelope down, she leaned forward and kissed the face of the gravestone before standing up and turning away, fresh tears forming in her eyes as she stuck her hands into her jacket pockets and slowly walked to her motorcycle without looking back.

Dear Applejack...

Appledash :heart:

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash are shopping for a few last minute presents when they come across a man in need. Rainbow, being who she is, takes charge of the situation and helps him, because the best part of the holidays is giving to others. Applejacks POV.
This story is full of shameless Appledash flirting and fluff. You have been warned! :3

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