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Continuing my Sunjack fic? · 4:03pm Jan 18th, 2019

I know I was gonna try to have the 2nd chapter of my Sunset/Applejack fic out within a few days, and I think it's been a week now?

I am going to finish it, I have part of it written, but I got real busy this week woth work, AC side jobs and running around Texas trying to get a copy of my birth certificate for my passport.

Now that I have some time off, I'm hoping to get a big chunk written today! Just had to find the time!

Anyways, thanks for being patient!

Report Sherlocked-Dawn · 127 views · Story: The Proposition · #Sorry
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Comment posted by Sherlocked-Dawn deleted Apr 7th, 2018

Nah, England's cool. I'm probably making it sound really bad looking back at what I've said. It was my parents move but I liked the country and the people so I stayed. It's great, really

Sounds like you don't care for England much?? Why'd you move? I'd figure Spain is more interesting, cultural wise anyway.

That sounds nice. I've gotta try one someday. English food is pretty bland, so we just steal food ideas from other countries and use them here. Also lol that shows they're a just a bunch of hypocrites.

Actually they can be kind of salty, its just puffy bread with sausage gravy on it. It's delicious. And I know what you mean, everyone up north makes fun of us for freaking out when it's really cold outside but they act like the end of the world is happening when it's above like 85.

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