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Maternal/Personal Update · 2:11am June 19th

So... I'm back?

I never really left, I'm still on Fimfic every single day, but by "back" I mean I'm actually writing again, and that is almost entirely work on Maternal.

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I was going to make a comment about you having an excellent taste in shipping names to start with, but that compliment has had me grinning now ever since I read it, so I just wanted to say thank you very much. :twilightsmile:

I'm always surprised at how much that story resonates with others, since I pretty much wrote it spur of the moment.


Heh, I think this is the second or third time you've commented on one of my Bookshelf names. I love that FIMFic let's us customize them like that.

I've been thinking of changing it to "Sunserity," inspired by Oro's "A Suit With Sincerity," which happens to be my all time favorite of the ship.

(Fun fact: guess who happens to have written my very favorite non-shipping Sunset fic of all time?)

SunDiamond, eh? That's a cooler name than RariShimmer by far. I like it.

Story Approver

Thanks for the favorite! :heart:

Don't forget to upvote it if you haven't already. :scootangel:


Thank you for writing it! It was very fun!

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