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Cumulus is a comedian in the works, who loves serious stories, including Mysteries, Adventures, Science Fiction, and Romcoms!


I hide a lot.. · 12:24am Sep 10th, 2019

I don't get on here a lot. But. I want to write things again. I'm not sure if they'll be on here or not. Not a lot of mlp stuff in mind. If any. But if I do dip my feet in the brony infested waters. I'm sure you'll all be the first to know..

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I'm back · 2:20am Oct 17th, 2018

It's been quite a while. I've had some things happen that I hadn't been expecting. I didn't know how to deal with them either but, I'm back. I won't say what happened. But I will say I'm sorry for leaving these unfinished. And while I am much busier now with my new job and relationship, I will promise to at least try to finish the Gilda & Sweetiebelle story, and publish the final part to my quiet night trilogy. I look forward to writing for you guys again. I hope you look forward to more of my

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About my writing · 1:38pm May 15th, 2016

I've been very busy, and I might I'd be able to finish up some of my projected, but no. I got free time and now I have some major things in my life going on. So I'll be away, and the story The Best Team Up Since Forever shall be put on hiatus until I both want to finish it, and have worked out my life stuff.

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Still writing · 2:39pm Apr 30th, 2016

Don't worry. I am still working on "The Best Team Up Since Forever", but I'm also working on other projects and fics. But chapter four is the end of my first E rated fic. So it isn't going to be done anytime soon, but it won't be extremely long either.


Thank you! · 8:18pm Apr 13th, 2016

After having such a hard time adjusting and getting back into writing after Krafty left, I had no faith in what I was writing, but seeing my latest fic go from 30 to 200 in three days made me really happy and also made me want to write more fics. So to those who read it, whether you liked it or not, THANK YOU! Just reading something of mine means a lot and if you did enjoy it, I couldn't be more appreciative of you. Thanks so much and I can't wait for you all to read what's in store next!

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