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It's Him. The Funny Dog. Laugh.

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deciding a rebranding was in order.


6/10/2020: decided to take another potshot · 9:08am June 10th

decided to try my hand at writing with ponies again. this is one of the best places to do such a thing, and here i have to do a lot less planning.

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Me: Says Kirin are overrated.

Current objective:

realized you were author of sentient difference, which i remember enjoying so i gave you a follow. picked that profile after i went back and played reach recently.

Ay! Thanks for the follow! Was it because of one of my stories? If so, do tell! Also I approve of that profile picture! Always remember Reach! I bet you can survive with that infinitely extended health bar. At least, I think it is....

Thanks. I pretty much am one of the shittiest writers this side of the site, but at least i feel like i’ve improved over my time here.

Hi, I’m the author of the Insanity series. I write shitty fics about grimdark pones and humans.

At least your honest... Oh and I like your profile picture.

It's pretty funny, and I really have no other reasons.

Thanks for faving I Have No Mouth, and I Must Squee! May I ask why?

Thank you for Faving The Pink Out of Space and adding it those nice other folders.

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Still alive, just very busy.

As it says on the tin.

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