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Star Eater Discord Channel! · 7:25pm Oct 8th, 2018

Several people have requested I make a Discord Channel in the past and I have decided to finally do so! The link is down below! Please follow the posted rules and if you have any questions, please ask!

Star Eater Discord Channel

This is for fun and not mandatory for the story in anyway. Just a way to communicate easier with others who love Star Eater just as much as me!

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Star Eater Announcement! · 2:11am Sep 23rd, 2018

The announcement has been taken down due to my own oversight. I was unaware that we were not allowed to release such chapters. My bad! However, I am reposting it here!

Big news!~ I have been in touch with a animation artist! One of my friends knows someone who does animations and helped me get into contact with them! From what I've seen, they are really good and willing to give me a really decent price!

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Artist Needed for Commission Drawing! · 10:11am Oct 23rd, 2017

Any who come by this and are interested or know someone whom might be, I am looking to commission a drawing for the cover art of my story! This is in celebration of the 1000 likes that I have received after a year and a half of writing the story. Any information you can provide or offer would be a huge boon. Even just pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. Feel free to contact me about any requirements or pricing concerns that you might have and hopefully we can work something out!

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