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Hello, just an ADD-ful mind with a knack for pones, Cyber and Dieselpunk.


Christmas · 9:36pm Dec 22nd, 2017

Due to likely family activities, I might not finish and release the next chapter over the coming weekend. That said I do believe I will be able to have the next one out next weekend!

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Little delay! · 4:50pm Dec 3rd, 2017

Due to lotta things happening this weekend I may not be able to release chapter 22 today, that said it has been started, and I do hope to finish it this week before going into chapter 23!

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Progress going well! · 6:57pm Oct 28th, 2017

I am currently past 3,000 words on Chapter 17! My plan is for it to be out tomorrow! I think this weekend release schedule is working well!


Soon to come out! · 7:27pm Oct 21st, 2017

Wow what progress! By tomorrow chapter 16 should be out by tomorrow! Hopefully with a weekend schedule and some possible extra work on the week I will be able to get chapters out more! We will see.

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Continuing! · 9:46pm Oct 15th, 2017

For those who have at least somewhat followed this story I am sorry for further delays, but I do have a plan to try to help get me typing more for the months! Thing is I have other things going on, whether it's irl events or distractions such as my drawing practice. Lately, I have been trying to get a schedule for my drawing practice on so I can get better, try to have a picture out every weekday. I have plans to work out typing this story into the weekends, possibly in later times of the

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Sorry · 3:24am Jun 14th, 2017

For those who may be following the story I am sorry for the delay, a WHOLE LOT has gotten in the way. To put it shortly it's a combination of IRL events and maybe a little bit of writer's block. Once I get to continuing though I should have chapter 13 out soon, I have a general mapping out for how the story will go and it should help prevent some writer's block. Hope to release the next chapter soon!

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Bit of a Delay · 10:34pm May 9th, 2017

For the very few who might be wondering where the next chapter is, IRL events have gotten in the way and I have also been trying to pre-plan the story and it's chapters to more properly define the story's direction before I type. I will try to get chapter 12 done soon enough!

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Every little thing · 4:09pm Apr 8th, 2017

Every like and favorite gives that boost of motivation to continue the story. I've sometimes felt a bit demotivated at the lack of any further feedback for some time. Then I get a favorite and remember that even if there hasn't been a like for over 20 views I remember that the story may not have reached the people who like it just yet. Seeing a favorite reminds me that there's still some potential for success in this story.

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Grammarly Fixes and end of Hold · 4:59pm Mar 13th, 2017

Luckily the hold wasn't too long as with some advice I decided to simply use Grammarly to fix any kinks in the story. This means chapter six will be released once it and any other chapters have had their grammar and stuff fixed.

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Temporary hold. · 5:45pm Mar 11th, 2017

(To whom it may concern among the few who might read this) For the time being I think I might put Seesaw on a short hold until I can get an editor to work out the kinks, chapter 6 is done and one it and the other chapters have some editing I shall post it and continue onto chapter 7.

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