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All sorts of weirdness has been occuring across Equestria. Cockatrice attacks on Canterlot. Changelings taking over everypony in Ponyville and replacing them.

None more weirder than what is happening in Manehattan. Some pony scientists are about to uncover the machinations of an ancient cult.

The Ghostbusters team in New York wasn't the only attempt of The Destructor entering a world.

Here is the parallel tale of Equestria's paranormal investigator and eliminator pony team.

Takes place during the events of the IDW MLP comic's first arc.

Sex tag for Sumareian summoning rituals and innuendo.
Decompressor created this amazing fan art I used for a cover background.

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This story is a sequel to The Great and Powerful Slayers

Trixie Lulamoon hasn't been having the best of luck as of late.

This time around, she'll finally be getting that lesson on magic she so wanted from that strange sorceress she met months ago.

But it may be a bit more than she bargained for.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to Atonement for a Wayward Dragoon

After facing the greatest trial of his life, Kain Highwind finds himself as a defender in Equestria.

He's forged bonds with those who helped pull him from the darkness and is coming to terms with the magic of friendship.

However, a new threat looms over the horizon.

Chapters (22)

Rainbow Dash is quite eager to go on an adventure with Ponyville's newest citizen, a dragoon sent by the Princess of the Night. Everywhere he goes, there's always some sort of action-packed episode.

She's decided to never miss an opportunity to get in on his missions. This one, however, may not have been what she was expecting.

A psychologicaly, terrifying perspective given by Rainbow Dash during the "Cultist" arc during "Atonement for a Wayward Dragoon", a Final Fantasy IV crossover.

Reading the original story is not necessary.

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Trixie Lulamoon has just fled Ponyville after the ursa minor debacle and now turns her sights elsewhere for fortune and fame.

Conveniently, a mare from another world will help her with just that problem, as long as said mare doesn't blow everything up first.

Crossover with The Slayers (between season 1 and 2)

Special thanks to Sedentary Vagabond, for being my writing consultant on this one.

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After the events on the second moon, Kain Highwind secluded himself on Mt. Ordeals to follow in the path of his paladin friend, Cecil Harvey. He cannot face his friends, not after the betrayals he inflicted. His only choice is to separate himself from his dark past and become a paladin.

But the forces at work have different plans for the dragoon.

What will become of him with this change in fate?

This story takes place after the events of the original Final Fantasy IV and Season 3 of FiM

Special thanks to ArceusFan493 for chapter edits and Sedentary Vagabond as my writing consultant.
Comments are welcome. I could always use the feedback.
Featured 5/26/16!

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