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That one guy who likes writing stories about ponies, likes to box, likes to play video games, and always likes a challenge. Yeah, I'm that guy.


I'm back!!!!!! Don't worry I'm!!! · 5:03am Jul 4th, 2017

I'm sorry if I made you guys think the story was dead, but I think isn't!!!! Don't worry I was only off for awhile cause I was moving to a new house, and I was sorting things around the new house. I'm back though.

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I NEED HELP!!!!!! · 3:31am May 4th, 2017

How long does it take to submit a story?!?! I try to submit it and it keeps showing this tab with awhole bunch of things on it. My first story didn't take long to be submitted, but my other one is. What gives? I need help you guys.

I'm pretty new to all this still, so don't act all shocked about this. Just help me out, please.

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