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Ponies every were. Ponies in my Hair. Ponies on my cloths. And thats how it goes

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  • 45 weeks
    Jokes for days

    You can't spell embarrassment without your ass falling out.

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  • 45 weeks
    Fallout Equestria Between Life and Death

    I was thinking about writing a story Fallout Equestria story called Between Life and Death, That's about a pony made immortal by the bombs a lot like the way Rampage did. But he was in Canterlot Castle and the pink cloud made him into a Canterlot gool. The only thing different about him he does not possess the cloud like the way Puppy Smiles dose. Instead, it runs through his blood. Since he can not die he finds himself lost in the wasteland with the memories of the friends that he lost and the

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  • 66 weeks
    Editor plz

    Looking for editors and a writer for Life with Benefits

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thanks for adding my stories to your list. I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

Hey, I hope you enjoy the story! :pinkiehappy:

Didn't you used to have more stories?

Thanks for watching as well.

Thanks for your interest in my stories.

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