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Hello, I'm Autumn but you can all call me Autie. I'm a big fan of Sunset Shimmer and my love for her will never die as well as my love for shipping. I love writing fanfics as much as the next person.

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Scootaloo had just been proposed to, no thanks to her older sister Twilight. Right before she could respond, Scootaloo sees a rabbit that looks quite familiar for some reason. She follows her down a rabbit hole that leads her to Wonderland. She must face her true destiny to defeat the Queen of Gems and save Wonderland.
Cover Art made by ChaosQueen

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Discord has gone evil again thanks to Tirek and now the only way to prevent him spreading chaos and havoc on Equestria, somepony must marry him. It's either he chooses the mare or she comes out of her own free will. What happens when a certain purple alicorn accepts the deal?

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Discord hasn't been in the Hearths Warming spirit lately. He's been working with Spike ever since his old partners Flim and Flam mysteriously disappeared. Little does he know that his actions end up getting a visit from three spirits: Sweetie Past, Present Shimmer, and Luna Future. Will these spirits change Discord's ways and help save the poor of Canterlot?
Note: this is based on the Mickey's Christmas Carol, one of my favorite Disney classics!

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Sunset Shimmer is being bugged by a guy she hardly knows, Comet Tail. Despite that she doesn't want anything to do with him, he talks to her anyway. Little does she know that she starts having a crush on him but doesn't know how to deal with it. What can she do?

Note: Inspired by an event that's going on in my life and I only ship these two because I saw images like this. CometShimmer forever! Cover art is not mine, nor is it permanent.

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Ever since Pinkie Pie and the rest of the Mane Six left his little town, Party Favor's been quite depressed. Double Diamond and Sugar Belle have been working together to solve his depression. But no matter what they do, Party Favor just gets more and more depressed. When the gala comes around: Night Glider, Double Diamond, Sugar Belle, and Party Favor are invited to the gala by Princess Twilight. When they arrive, the Mane Six and the Cutie Four meet again. And Party Favor and Pinkie feel a special connection.

Author's Note: Thanks to Chaos Queen for making the awesome cover art! I love it so much! Written before Season 5 finale The Cutie Re-Mark.

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Luna feels depressed. Celestia is trying to figure out why but nothing's working. But it wasn't until one night, a specific evil unicorn shows up in her room. He takes her to a world unimaginable, Luna's dreams. He starts to realize that he loves Luna, despite the fact she was dating Big Mac. It was hard to believe that somepony evil loves someone who retired to evil. It's up to Discord to help these two realize they're true love.
Author's Note: I just realized I love these two. I like Sombrabat and Sombeletia but these two are much better. Cover Art belongs to Camo

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